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We are always looking for new users and contributors to help us make BioCypher better. We are particulary interested in increasing the accessibility of knowledge representation to structurally disadvantaged researchers. The best way to get in contact for help, general questions, or to contribute is to join our Zulip channel (free of charge). In the #announcements channel, you can stay informed about seminars, workshops, and other events. In the #help channel, you can ask questions and get help. In the #general channel, you can introduce yourselves, discuss ideas, and share your work.

We chose Zulip because it is a modern, open-source alternative to Slack. It is organised by topics, which helps in keeping the discussions focused. It also is free of charge for open-source and academic projects, which means that they sponsor the cloud hosting for our channel (as for many other open-source projects) - thanks!

If you want to contribute, please have a look at our contribution guidelines, including our code of conduct and developer guide. For simple communication, join the #development channel on Zulip, where you can ask questions and discuss ideas. You can also open an issue on GitHub for feature requests including adapters. If you want to find out whether you favourite resource or database is already supported, planned, or in progress, have a look at our Github project.